Welcome! 1st CCA Session

After all members had gathered at GF-C14, the club started at 2.15pm! Naturally, only upper sixth attended. Lower sixth weren’t allow to participate in any CCA activities until their O Level results are out.

Basic introduction of President (Yao Yin), Vice Presidents (Suzie and Wong), Secretary (Qilah), Treasurer (Talent) and one of our teacher in-charge (Foo-sensei) was carried out. President Yao Yin and another teacher in-charge (Nurul-sensei) weren’t there though.

At 3.10PM, we started an (evil) introduction game! Members are to take as many candies as they like without any knowledge that it’s a trap >:P In the end, they had to introduce themselves. The number of things they had to introduce about themselves would be numerically identical to the number of sweets they took. Here’s what some of them said!

Even though the teacher is teaching, I can sleep in class.

I love anime and manga.

I have a hard disk that’s only meant for keeping One Piece.

I talk to myself a lot, in Japanese.

I like anime, like Fairy Tail…

Next, we played the “oni” winking game. All players were to stand in a circle, and one of the player would be chosen to become the “oni” (=demon) and the oni’s aim would be to kill the remaining players one-by-one by winking at them, on eye contact. The remaining players’ objective would be to catch the oni.

We played two rounds of this winking game, before the club concluded at 4pm.

Awesome report originally by Qilah | Rewritten by Wong.


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