2nd CCA Session

On the 22nd of January, we had our second CCA session. The session started with few announcements and questions from the President.

One of the announcements was about the first movie screening from the club. The movie would be “Toki wo Kakeru Shojo”.

toki wo kakeru shoujo

Poster made by one of our VP, Choon Jie, or better known as Wong.

The question asked was about the design on the Club’s tshirt. This is how the Club Tshirt look like now. >here<
New designs are welcomed by all the members and we hope that we will be able to change/alter the club’s Tshirt, especially the front because it is relatively plain.

After that, our secretary Qilah took the attendance, which is then followed by Japanese lessons from Farid and Choon Jie.

Farid started by teaching how to write hiragana, using the numbers in kanji.


It is then followed by Choon Jie explaining the writing systems in Japan namely, Hiragana, Katakana as well as Kanji.


After that, with about 20 minutes left, we played a really short and simple game called “evolution”. There are 4 stages in the game:

4-Enlightened Buddha

Everyone starts as eggs in the game. You would find another egg and play paper-rock-scissors. Whoever wins will go up a level, which is the chicken. Then, the chicken will have to look for another chicken.  The winning chicken will be a dinosaur while the losing chicken will degrade a level to be an egg.

DSC_6530 DSC_6536DSC_6539


The last picture is definitely one of the best. We get to see our secretary’s priceless smile. 🙂

Until the next session. 🙂

Report by: President


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