3rd CCA Session

Today again, we had another language lesson for the first hour.

In short, we learnt how to write あ い う え お. Members are given hiragana worksheet for practice writing. Farid also gave some hiragana examples for words like つる, りんご. We also listened to how to pronounce each syllables.

After the lessons, we watched a video of a comedian “Jinnai Tomonori” on “Lost and Found”

It was a great video filled with laughter all the way.

After that, we played “Do you like your neighbours?”

All players sit in a circle with the exception of one, which stands in the middle of the circle. That player has to randomly ask a seated player if he/she likes his/her neighbour.

  • If the seated player replies “No”, the left and right players of the asked player will have to interchange seats. The asker would attempt to ‘snatch’ their seat by sitting down quickly. The player whose seat has been snatched becomes the asker now and the game continues.
  • If the seated player replies “Yes”, he/she would have to sit in a (random) condition. For example, “Yes, but I don’t like those wearing a ring.” All those wearing rings would then have to change their seats among themselves. The asker would also attempt to snatch one of their seat. The player that remains unseated will become the asker and the game continues.

It was a great game to play as we see people rushing, grabbing seats. Everyone was laughing and having fun.


DSC_6544 DSC_6552


(someone messed with my camera so the quality of the picture became like that… )


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