Visit to Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ship

JMSDF shows their ship to the public today, 11th April 2013. Here are some photos taken during my visit in case anyone missed the event.


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6th CCA Session

The one and a half hour CCA session today covers hiragana tests (until た line) and more Hiragana teaching. Serious Japanese learners are expected to know all hiragana when second term starts! 🙂

5th CCA session

We had CCA session again from 2:15-3:15.

Some of the members were not able to attend the session because Mr. Oscar had his Chemistry extra class.

In this session, we learnt さしすせそ and  たちつてと. We also learnt that if we added ” to some of the hiragana it changes.

か が    さ ざ     た だ
き ぎ    し じ     ち ぢ
く ぐ    す ず     つ づ
け げ    せ ぜ    て で
こ ご    そ ぞ     と ど

Before the lessons started we had a test on かきく けこ mixed with あいうえお.