[10 Apr] Japanese Navy Visit

Japan Maritime Self Defense Force will be visiting PTEM on 10th April in the afternoon.


ことわざ Proverbs







“「わればくなる」 is a proverb.

When you add red wine into white wine, the white wine will turn red. In the same way for humans, if you are friends with good people, you will also have a good heart, but if you are friends with bad people, you yourself will turn bad. So, the meaning of this proverb is not be be friends with bad people. ”

Doesn’t this sound familiar to some? Maybe a Malay peribahasa or an English idiom? 😉

Pictures credit to original owners. I do not own the pictures of the wines.. 🙂
Also, credits to VP Choon Jie for helping to make the furigana for the kanji!

Top 5 places you SHOULD visit in Japan

Hi Suzie here. Personally I’ve never been to Japan though I wish I could so if you have an extra ticket, I am your man girl. Heh heh heh. Jokes aside, it’s been a while since I last posted anything in this webbie of ours so I thought that I might as well do my part of the job (but since my internet is stubborn I’ll have to ask someone to post this for me)

Okay. The topic right now would be the top 5 places you SHOULD visit in Japan. This is a definite must if you want to taste Japan’s culture and sense of living.
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